• Titre : Relationships
  • Technique : Painting Acrylic
  • Style : Abstract
  • Forme d'expression : Group of personages
  • Thème : Daily life
  • Année de création : 1994
  • Couleurs dominantes :
  • Oeuvre d'art vendue

I started my career as an artist in Miami Beach in the early 90'
For a couple of years, I painted exclusively matches compositions, ( see http://fr.pierremarcel.artisteo.com/oeuvres-art/oeuvre-art/3984-28814 ) to express something. I not have all of them photographed, at the time I did not foreseen that I would meet success with that type of art.
My first concept : At first It was in a way replacing brush strokes by matches. Each match expresses something too, I developed then a concept on each painting, and I could have spend my whole life just painting that way... !
My first ever painting was a matches one, bought by a German collector in visit in Miami, when I was setting up my studio in Espanola Way. Then I painted Relationship
My neighbor Jim Tommaney, playwright, critic, actor redacted a wonderful poem about that painting. We worked together, each good painting was also a beautiful text. I will build a artisteo page about that superb partner a painter and a writer !

Myself I am keeping in my French personal collection the last available matches paintings : Life as a demonstration piece that install definitively the foundation of my style; L'Homme est la somme de ses actes (André Malraux)
20 years after, I paint this large painting to demonstrate to the French that I am more abstract than what they see first !
Therefor, we are slidding from a simple statement about my figurative skills, to a conclusion statement that suggest that I am doing a body of work abstract, although strongly attached to social realities and solliciting social ties... (to note that is exactly why I moved to France, for the vertues of wedding social ties with a territory where I work)

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