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Dés 1987, exemple, ce n'est pas qu'un simple décors figuratif.... C'était un de mes premier Figur'Actif utilitairement social : Voyez donc la réparation 2015 de ma première peinture Figur'active 1987 de Biscaya à Miami-Beach (Florida, USA)
(Texte en anglais de ma facture à Miami CLAY HOTEL 1438 Washington Av Miami Beach FL 33139
April 5 2015
Restoration artwork Pierre Marcel: Biscaya demolition signed decoration on the ceiling at the store Blanc du Nil 420 Espanola Way by the artist original after the water leak incident.
This artwork is a visual concerning the history of South Beach renewal story of operation saving the Art Deco District Miami-Beach in 1987.

The painting is detached of the ceiling and repainted by the original artist after technical and special repairs of the canvas and strecther. The painting is to be reinstalled on the ceiling after the floors work of the Hotel above these ceilings.
Mediterranean style palace, built in 1925 near the intersection of West Avenue and MacArthur Causeway, the Biscaya, was one of a string of luxury hotels erected by the famed Carl Fisher.
Soon after my installation as a muralist in South Bach, I witnessed its demolition in 1987 and met the preservationists who organized concerted. The Biscaya could have been to Miami Beach what the Biltmore now is to Coral Gables.

Fiscalement avec ma MDA, pas faire simple travail artisant

Cette petite réparation commandée d'une oeuvre que j'avais faite il y a 28 ans, est une vraie petite recréation artistique.(Restant fiscalement OK avec ma MDA, la Maison Des Artistes. (Normes MDA = créations )

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